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Payday of reckoning

August 3rd, 2015 at 04:22 am

It . . . . . . Was . . . a . . . long. . . . Month.
Pay dropped $300.00 because the exchange rate dropped one point on the morning of our bank Transfer!!! Curse you international currency exchange markets, Curse you!
Final Pay figure $80 123.52.
Deposited that s**t straight in the Savings. Despite what physics says the envelope with the bank cheque felt heavier, reflecting the amount within. New savings total of $271 018.19.
Next month is around $25K and the next month has bumped up close to 19K.
Our September total is looking healthy for $309 418.19.

I have to stop eating Haagen-Dazs limoncello ice cream. I'm like an addict. Doing anything for the next $4.89 hit.
Soon I will forsake my family, trading full time in VCR's and car stereos to support my habit.

Right when you think you're rid of something, it reaches out from the nether to cause you further suffering. My friend that stayed has left and the abhorrent amount of spending ended, or so I thought.
Went to grab my GoPro that he borrowed, the .case .is .broken.
Not broken in a way like "oh I didn't see that when I put it back" no, more broken in a way like "I better put this back so you can't see it".
It's okay, only another $50 bucks, he used it and had a great time. Not a stress.
THEN. . . . . . . . T. . . . . H. . . . E. . . . . N. . . . . . . .
I find his bloody IPhone in one of my backpacks.
First, he left 2 weeks ago, how can he not have asked for it? What's he been using? The answer is he has no fricken idea where he lost it!
And second, upon letting him know, he just says I really need it just drop it in the mail thanks, express. . . . . . . . . . . . . International Express.
No mother F*****R, its collateral, until you wire me the money to send it express to your ass.
ENOUGH S**ting the money bed!

Did you know Scottish money is different to English money? Getting learned stuff everyday.



July 18th, 2015 at 09:37 pm

Last five weeks I had one of my closest friends visit.
$14 087.14 Spent from me and $6000 spent from him.
We did much. Sky diving, white water rafting, bungee jumping, quad biking, go karting, shooting, hunting, water parks, amusement parks, top restaurants etc.
But I am glad it's over as it was more than the 10k I budgeted.

But the up news is this month's pay is $80k. It was originally projected to be 65K so the extra income pretty much just paid for the 5 week holiday. I wish it had hit the top line and not just caught up the bottom line. But as my wife has reminded me every time I check the accounts and begin hyperventilating, 'we have to live a little, scrooge mcduck'.

So we met our goal of 250k by December. We have decided to make the new goal $450 000.00 by December.
A stretch but if everything goes to plan (cough choke cough) we should be able to make it.

Will be spending the rest of this month just trying to find some semblance of a routine. The kids are tired of hotels/motel/hostels and campsites. Got to get back into their home schooling ready for September school start.
I think I put almost 3000 km's on my truck.

The ledger accounts put projected incomes for August and September at $25k and $15k.
Also get back to the gym. Too much rich foods have made my board shorts tight. I never thought I would say a 34 mens is tight Stick Out Tongue

payday in 10 days.
I will need a better theme song than Mj's "Beat it" with our new best cheque. Im thinking "im too sexy" by right said fred. Real mood setter.


Payday and bears

June 4th, 2015 at 05:18 am

Update time.
Got paid!
Exchange rate dropped 2 points in my favour so the pay came in at $ 16 717.09.
Unfortunately monthly expenses this month run up to $5030.00 because of the ******* duties I had to pay on my imports.
Let me say border services are militant. Oppressive. Borderline Third Reich.
But AFTER the gestapo was done with their inquisition and my wallet was empty, my goods and I were released into the wild!

Payment for June will be $31 806.00 give or take the exchanges movements.

The best news of all is this month was our biggest sales month to date. Figures are not final till around the 18th BUT it looks like we are on track for $65 000.00.
Unbelievable level of sales and I genuinely didn't think we would snatch this much market share for at least 12-24 months. Incredible milestone.
Its only onward and upward from here.

Saw my first ever wild bear today. Ran in front of the truck by about 10 meters. Was big and fat and had furry round ears. Awesome for the kids, they lost it in the back seat!

Finally moved everything outta the old place and into the new, signed everything off so it feels good to be all in one place. Just now have to organise an entire house. Yayyyy( sarcasm)

Overall best month yet!