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Furniture is too damn high

May 18th, 2015 at 03:37 am

If I ever end up in hell, my eternal punishment will be moving house from one side of hell to the other. Through congested traffic so every drive takes 3 times longer. And then I get a flat tire when I have moved all my tools to the other house.

To furnish the house with everything we were missing, moving back and forth the 1 hr drive each way and takeout food for the week because no way I was cooking, came to *shudder* $6412.13.
I never knew beds could be so expensive. Then you have to mattresses on them? I wasn't born yesterday snake oil salesmen.

To say I feel dirty is an understatement. I knew this was coming for months but I still wasn't prepared for it deep down inside.
I adjusted my side bar, a bit depressing. The only consolation I can draw from is we are having some phenomenal business across the ledger and we could possibly be looking at a new greatest monthly income in July or very close to it. So that money will offset anything we have had to spend. But still Ouch.
I blush just reading the number.

The only ray of light in my darkest week was my wife got me a new GoPro camera for making videos.
Fun fact, when you have food in the house you crave take out, when you only have take out you crave anything homemade.
It will take months of retraining to stop my flinching reflex every time I open my wallet. One day at a time.



May 3rd, 2015 at 07:38 am

I was assaulted.

Brutalised even. Dubious consent. Taken against my will.
By the exchange rate.
What was meant to be $53 417.38 turned out to be $51 760.05.
I probably sound like the princess and the pea complaining but when you consider that just a $0.02 cent shift in the exchange rate took $1657.33 out of my pocket, that is fiscal rape.

Felt like a baller walking into the local credit union. Cue Michael Jacksons "beat it" as I walk up to the deposit desk. "Bank it" with a cool NON-conformist nod of my head.
No. . . . The reality is I stood in line till my number was called, but it was almost as cool, My kids screaming and arguing at the token toy box was close enough to the "beat it" theme, the tellers didn't need to say it but we all silently acknowledge that was the mood. Some things are better felt then said.

What else? Took delivery of our new place. As soon as I got the keys I walked in and cast myself to the floor and did space angels, simular to snow angels but done with empty space.
Its three levels and one level is almost double our current apartment. Imagine a reverse TARDIS. A place smaller on the inside then the outside. If we paint the walls we lose square footage.
Thinking of doing my pilot license. Not sure I would ever trust myself to put my whole family in the same aircraft I'm piloting but there's a flight school almost around the corner from our new place.

With the amount of work we are doing of late we are looking at $16 300 for May end and $23 000.00 for June end pushing savings out to 205 300 ish. So close to our goal for the year.
In fact, my accountant, a dashing, smart, handsome man (me, if you couldn't tell), running forecasts with cautious numbers across the accounts could see us finishing the year close to $330 000.00 pending meteor strike or debilitating disaster.

Met a young guy out while being sociable in Vancouver and he said he was an actor, I took little interest as I didn't recognise him. Just about everyone you meet in Vancouver tells you they are an actor, and by actor they mean their foot was an extra in a crowd in a deleted scene in a strait to DVD movie. Turns out he has been in movies with Dwayne Johnson and he is in the movie 'Tomorrow Land' with George Clooney. I will be seeing him again at the same social function in coming weeks so I want to get some cool crazy stalker fan/diva star stories out of him, you know, the typical shrines made out of your hair and people stealing your shoes under restroom doors stuff.
I'm sure that's what really goes on.