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Evil Neighbours

March 31st, 2015 at 04:45 am

Payday, most hallowed of days.
The day when we feel the fields are bountiful with harvest, the milk rich with fat and cheese aged to perfection.
In reality is everything we have waited all month to buy suddenly goes off special, fuel jumps up 8 cents and the miserable battle axe at the customer service desk won't give you a rain check for the catalogue special. But you don't care, because you have money, and money makes everything better!

I survived the remainder of the month; my neighbour is determined to drive my family to murder through the time honoured tradition of screeching at her children before 7 am, waking us all.
We live in 600 sq. feet unit so to lose the ability to sleep in one room is like halving the domestic fortress.
The land lord issued her another 'shut yo face' letter but I suspect she files these under progress reports more than as 'threats to tenancy'.
She laughs in the face of laundry ordinances requiring that the massive drier beside our main room is not used after 8pm. It's not uncommon to hear it going at 11.30pm. Some people just want to watch the world burn.
I have confirmed an earlier belief I have dual super powers. First is to receive discounts at lunch shops. Despite the frequency of my patronage, and second is to attract bad neighbours. In this I have no equal. It's not so much the quantity I have had, as it's only been a few over the years, but it's the quality of each one.
They seem to be more pure and evil as I go, so I suspect with each house move I am moving closer to the source of evil neighbours. Watch this space for updates when I move in next to Lucifer. At the current progress it should only be another one or two moves.

Pay was a fraction under estimate. I blame today's rallying of the market (Completely unrelated, but its giving my shorted positions a beating so I BLAME IT)

March Income/April Expenses

$ 11 145.62

$ 1178.87 March Spending
$ 400.00 April spending
$ 835.00 April rent
$ 800.00 April food
$ 200.00 Gas
$ 7731.75 Savings March

Bring new savings to $ 123 500.85. Just under what we estimated.
Next months income will come very close to $51 790.00 for April. Our biggest month ever and new record. Additionally the charter expenses I have coming in next month are $ 723.90.
So our expenses will be under $3k and should the month after finally be back down to around $2200.00.
Of course pending having to hire a hit man to wack my neighbour. I imagine they do that sort of thing for a discount as its 'technically' a public service.


March Pe-Payday

March 17th, 2015 at 01:55 am

Pre-payday, My second favourite day of the month.
It has been a quiet month thus far. I'm probably flirting with the mistress of chaos by saying that.
By flirting I mean waving the red flag of unrepentant destruction.
But I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

DS nailed his alphabet perfectly so we spent $80.00 for the day at the amusement park. We did laser maze, shooting gallery and I remain undefeated in air hockey. Kids had a great time.
Wife had her birthday. We had a nice restaurant meal, I turned her loose in a book store and Ice cream cake!!
Unfortunately ran low on supplements for the gym so had to buy some more, and not the cheap ones.
Got kid's clothes and shoes for the warmer weather and they keep growing.
My truck need some repairs and I needed a few things from the auto store to aid in the repairs.
I knew march's spending would be up but it was up more than I liked.
I like expenses between $2000.00 and $2500.00 but march/April expenses are going to end up around $3413.00. So two very bad months back to back.
*Banker shudder* I now lay awake at night questioning my self.
"do I control expenses or am I merely a puppet doing their bidding?"

THEN next month I have some Government charter licenses due. Out as quick as it comes in.

Income for March 28 = $ 11 200.00


$ 835.00 Rent
$ 800.00 Food
$ 200.00 Gas
$ 400.00 Spending April
$ 1178.87 March costs ( kids clothes/shoes, gym supplements, wife birthday, amusement park, truck repairs)
$ 7786.13 Savings March/April

New total savings will be $ 123 555.23.

I have resorted to those reassuringly vague answers when my wife asks about spending.
how are we doing?
"Very good"
and for when she is suspiciously persistent
"so good you should get some chocolate"

If I suddenly stop updating its because I have fled to Nigeria to live my life in financial obscurity and work as an email consultant linking long lost relatives to red tape ensnared fortunes.


PAYDAY!!!!!!!!KSLKNKANKANKslkjlksjclkcb Finally Yes!

March 3rd, 2015 at 02:31 am

So got paid today. I thought my bank was going to lock my account for checking too many times.

$30 407.77. It was more than we estimated but with the $877.92 over spend from last month that money came out of our pocket. Grrrr.
Additionally we needed to purchase a new Printer for the home office. So that was an additional $122.34 out of pocket and we stopped at Borders and picked up some learning books for DS and DD so that was $69.56.

February pay/March expenses.
Income = $30 407.77

$ 835.00 Rent
$ 1000.00 Food
$ 250.00 Gas
$ 100.00 Wife B/day meal
$ 877.92 February overspend/Zero Accounts
$ 2300.00 Shipping
$ 291.90 Spending ($ 100.00 general)($ 69.56 Learning books)($ 122.34 New printer)
$ 24 752.95 Savings

So our total savings now equals $115 769.10. $ 384.18 Less than we thought.
Not a big deal though because some easy consults came in pushing April's income possibly out to $44 000.00, more than making up the additional costs.
So expenses wise it's our biggest month in two years by almost double. I think I blew an OCD banker fuse and have gone into a dazed acceptance state. If I don't dwell on it I can't get annoyed lol.

In other news I suspect our bank has been sending statements to our address but the other tenants have been keeping the mail and opening it.
My wife and I are going down to the bank tomorrow morning to check if any statements have been mailed here. Nosey busy bodies.

The biggest news of the month is we're in some negotiations with a possible new fund that may add 20 - 40% more income into our pockets. It will be sporadic but any extra dollar is welcome.
Its early days yet and we are still working through the due diligence necessities but there's a good faith trial from the 5th to the end of this month. It will give us some numbers we can forecast with.

DS has almost finished learning his alphabet and sounds. I promised him when he can do all his flash cards without missing one he can go to the amusement park for the day. I'm excited to teach him to start reading.

5 weeks 5 days till Game of Thrones!!! !