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small randomnesses

April 25th, 2015 at 01:19 am

What to update?
Got a random partial invoice dividend come in early. $ 11 503.68 on the 23rd.
That happens never, as in not once ever since being self-employed has someone paid early.
Sometimes you have to threaten kidnapping of loved ones, burning of primary residences and the occasional of drive by shooting to get people to pay at ALL, but EARLY???
Pfft. I feel as if I cannot depend on the world for anything real or certain anymore.

Bought a new paintball gun. I have had a hard on for this one for so long now that I finally decided to pull the trigger (Master of bad puns!!) and shell out (boom again!!) some serious coin ($661.00) for it.
Get home and BAM, broken. Are you kidding me!
Irony is these guns are famous for their quality. So another hour and a half back to the store. Looks like a genuine manufacturing mistake so I let the proprietor out of doing an honourable suicide. Finally got it home with its real family 3 days later.

The exchange rate has shifted the last couple of days in the wrong direction. So our massive record month will probably be reduced to somewhere in the mid $52 500.00. Still our best.

Used our bank interest to buy some silver ounces and an ounce of gold.
Will do this once month with every interest payment.
I feel like Scrooge McDuck now, miserly gloating over my horde of precious metals. I can see how it corrupts the soul and leads to world domination.

Injured my back last week picking my wife up over my head and throwing her onto a bunk bed for some heinous slanderous comments she threw my way. So ironically I end up partially disabled at her mercy. She was not kind. (Note* When healed punish her by throwing onto top bunk again*)
Feel well enough today to get back to the gym and test the muscle is properly healed.

Bank are behaving and not touching my money anymore. (Note *Cancel the arson attacks*).
Getting ready to move.
Have lots of expenses coming up this month and next due to the move and deposits and some importing I have to do. The end result could be as much as an extra 3k hit to the expenses column.
It will feel infinitely better to be in the new place so it will feel worth it.

With the current rate of income being generated we are looking to hit over 200k Cash by the end of June. A huge turnaround from having just $800.00 2 years ago.
We aren't letting go of the lessons we learned from being cash strapped though and seeing a lot of people we are close to go through their own financial apocalypses we are remembering not to spend. Making hay while the sun shines so to speak as no good thing lasts forever.

Good bye soul sucking neighbour in 1 more week.


3 Responses to “small randomnesses”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Have enjoyed your humor as well as you updates...perhaps you should only wrangle your children as you have in your sidebar and leave the wife alone! LOL

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I can always count on your posts for a laugh! Ps make hay while the sun shines is one of my mantras Smile

  3. DecisiveParadox Says:

    Lol a wife that isn't wrangled from time to time has no discipline.

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