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Evil Neighbours

March 31st, 2015 at 04:45 am

Payday, most hallowed of days.
The day when we feel the fields are bountiful with harvest, the milk rich with fat and cheese aged to perfection.
In reality is everything we have waited all month to buy suddenly goes off special, fuel jumps up 8 cents and the miserable battle axe at the customer service desk won't give you a rain check for the catalogue special. But you don't care, because you have money, and money makes everything better!

I survived the remainder of the month; my neighbour is determined to drive my family to murder through the time honoured tradition of screeching at her children before 7 am, waking us all.
We live in 600 sq. feet unit so to lose the ability to sleep in one room is like halving the domestic fortress.
The land lord issued her another 'shut yo face' letter but I suspect she files these under progress reports more than as 'threats to tenancy'.
She laughs in the face of laundry ordinances requiring that the massive drier beside our main room is not used after 8pm. It's not uncommon to hear it going at 11.30pm. Some people just want to watch the world burn.
I have confirmed an earlier belief I have dual super powers. First is to receive discounts at lunch shops. Despite the frequency of my patronage, and second is to attract bad neighbours. In this I have no equal. It's not so much the quantity I have had, as it's only been a few over the years, but it's the quality of each one.
They seem to be more pure and evil as I go, so I suspect with each house move I am moving closer to the source of evil neighbours. Watch this space for updates when I move in next to Lucifer. At the current progress it should only be another one or two moves.

Pay was a fraction under estimate. I blame today's rallying of the market (Completely unrelated, but its giving my shorted positions a beating so I BLAME IT)

March Income/April Expenses

$ 11 145.62

$ 1178.87 March Spending
$ 400.00 April spending
$ 835.00 April rent
$ 800.00 April food
$ 200.00 Gas
$ 7731.75 Savings March

Bring new savings to $ 123 500.85. Just under what we estimated.
Next months income will come very close to $51 790.00 for April. Our biggest month ever and new record. Additionally the charter expenses I have coming in next month are $ 723.90.
So our expenses will be under $3k and should the month after finally be back down to around $2200.00.
Of course pending having to hire a hit man to wack my neighbour. I imagine they do that sort of thing for a discount as its 'technically' a public service.


2 Responses to “Evil Neighbours”

  1. snafu Says:

    Unfortunately any action you take to try for co operation from your neighbour will likely result in her ignoring at best or retaliation that exacerbates your problems. It's 'go to war or let the bully get away with her behaviour.' She's likely quite successful with her nasty behaviour from long practice. Most people don't want direct confrontation. [I used to teach a course called 'Coping Effectively with Difficult People]. The book by R Bramson may still available on Amazon.

    While I'd be in fear of your neighbour gun collection 'for her own safety,' in other countries, the unwritten rule for public washers/dryers is ..expect to find your stuff dumped in a cart or counter if one is available, if you're not there to off load in the appropriate time frame. A large, black plastic bag is another option. I've seen people unplug machines at closing time.

    You could tape several days of the 7 AM screaming sessions and ask City noise abatement to follow up if those laws are enforced in your location.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Ugh. Awful neighbors. My parents in their 60s moved into a very nice apartment and have been dealing with awful neighbors for a year. Those neighbors are not getting their lease renewed. I do think it took the calls first to security and eventually the police to get any action from the landlords who later compensated them a mere $200 gift card to the grocery store. Wishing you better neighbors SOON!

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