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Pride before the fall

February 23rd, 2015 at 03:19 am

Not much going on.
I took a beating like a rented mule on my trading.
I was up $300.00 dollars trading amazon shares on Friday. My wife was down trading google and AIG.
I was pretty smug in our little monthly competition.
I even recall offering her some advice, being the obvious pro that I was. I told her to stay away from Facebook and short some oil.
I'm still not entirely clear on how it went down but I'm now -$400 in the hole with Facebook and my wife is up $200.00 with oil. The explanation is simple, Magic.

Went to a home show as an invitation from some friends. We weren't really interested but accepted out of politeness.
Snake oil salesmen convincing me I never really cleaned anything properly before without 'stupendo-sponge'. It was relentless. And the most cunning ones give free stuff to your kids while they badger you for a sale.
Never again.

I massively under budgeted last month so I have had to spend $877.92 to zero out the month. Ouch my biggest shortfall in . . Since I started.
The corrupt accountant in me will have to bury that figure somewhere deep in the 88888 account.
Too big to fail is my motto.
As household Banker it's my job to forecast the next month's expenses. However I have a cheap acrylic ball instead of crystal so it can be a bit blurry at the best of times.

We have had to terminate our longest family relationship this month. It was on rocky ground since we moved away about a year ago when we started our fund but it all came to head this month when I refused to pay for a joint expense that had been incurred solely because of them.
They retorted that I should pay because I could 'afford' it.
Anyone who presumes to spend money on my behalf because they assume I can afford it is in for a short sharp rude shock.
So now they are left holding an expense that, had they known they would have to pay for, would not have run it up. Irony.
It's been very ugly but I realise it's better to see what people are really like now than later when they can cost you some serious money.

Invoices for 28th March = $11 000.00 Approx.
Invoices for 28th April = $ 41 000.00 Approx.

Currently working on May's workload now, shaping up to be a decent month.
Can't wait to get paid on the 28th so I can finalise March's budget.


6 Responses to “Pride before the fall”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Family, combined with money, isn't a good thing. I also am NOT a fan of anyone presuming to spend my money because I/we can afford it.

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    These people often don't realise that while people are good with money and seem to be well off, generally they got that way by watching not only what comes in but also what they spend! The majority of the time people didn't magically become well off overnight. Annoying.

  3. DecisiveParadox Says:

    The saddest part of the whole story is these people were the nicest to us when the rest of our families became resentful when our business started getting traction.
    We saw the support turn to resentment slowly over the last few months.
    We are extremely private and nobody has a clue how much money we make or have, so its a big presumption.
    We spent most of our marriage thoroughly broke. Not out of cash before payday skint, I mean mayonnaise sandwich broke. Our first few months in business we made negative cash. And our first positive month was around 200.00.
    Now 12 months later we are seeing results and you would believe the amount of 'Friends' that have come calling.
    These guys were just the last to ask I guess.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    Ha! I grew up on mayonnaise sandwiches! I didn't know anyone else ate them!

  5. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I'm sorry to hear that you guys struggled so hard and now that you're seeing results the way people act because of money is giving you a hard time in another form Frown

  6. DeniseNTexas Says:

    Family/close friends and money often don't mix. I have a firm policy to never, ever loan money but to give it happily and with joy. That said, I rarely have enough to give soooo.... lol

    I'm sorry that happened to your family. Really. It stinks! But you just keep on doing what you're doing because apparently it's working very well. :-)

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